And What About Magnesium…..

One of the questions that I do get asked in my practice on a regular basis is the importance of Magnesium for our body and the need for its regular supplementation to our diet. When I first started to research information about Magnesium I learned that just as Magnesium works beneficially for us as human Continue reading »

Summer with Homeopathy

Welcome to my summer newsletter! At this time of year as everyone is getting ready to make the most of the warmer weather both at home and abroad, I get lots of enquiries about how Homeopathy can help with some of the challenges that the summer holiday season can bring. This includes finding the right Continue reading »

Hay fever treatment with homeopathic remedies 

Hay fever is rarely a serious condition, but anyone that has ever suffered from it knows how horrible you can feel, and that usually weeks at a time! You may go through life with your eyes closed because they feel like they have sand in them. Or you may hardly be able to keep a Continue reading »

Memory of water

This amazing video shows that water actually has memory! Water is such an ordinary thing for most people that we forget how absolutely amazing it really is. For most people it is just the Water is the source of life. Water is the lifeblood of the planet. That’s why I found the following video from Continue reading »

Back to school – Homeopathy to help your kids

As the end of the summer holidays draws near, many of us are busy preparing for the new school year: searching for bits and pieces of school uniform, shopping for new stationery or organising after school activities… Slowly but surely we have to start switching out of holiday mode and back into our term time routines. Continue reading »