Back to school – Homeopathy to help your kids


As the end of the summer holidays draws near, many of us are busy preparing for the new school year: searching for bits and pieces of school uniform, shopping for new stationery or organising after school activities… Slowly but surely we have to start switching out of holiday mode and back into our term time routines.

While most of our children experience this time of the year with enthusiasm and excitement, for some the change might be overwhelming and the struggle to adjust can affect our family life. If your child should experience any degree of physical or emotional symptoms before going back to school, Homeopathy can help by providing a safe, non-toxic and non-addictive support.

In general, our children require some extra attention and reassurance around this time of year. Whether your child is a little reception pupil, an older child changing to secondary school or one who might feel the pressure of an important exam year ahead, a homeopathic medicine can be selected that will take individual circumstances in account. Image 3

If your child is suffering from chronic anxiety, such as panic attacks and agoraphobia, his or her case should be reviewed in-depth by a qualified practitioner in order to achieve effective relief. However, in temporary situations, some of the following homeopathic medicines can be administered. Homeopathic medicine can be purchased from most large health food shops or from homeopathic pharmacies like Ainsworth, Helios and Nelsons (also online).

Pulsatilla is a remedy for children with separation anxiety from the parents, especially from the mother. The child can become very needy, wanting affection, comfort and support to make them quickly feel better. The anxiety can be expressed through excessive clinginess and whining. This usually applies to very sensitive, strongly emotional and yielding children.

Gelsemium is very helpful for anticipatory anxiety experienced for example before the first day of school, an exam or a speech in front of the class. If your child experiences weakness (such as jelly-like legs) with a mind that goes blank, a complete inability to concentrate, possibly with trembling and stuttering, this remedy should be considered.

Argentum Nitricum is needed by a child suffering from anticipatory anxiety similar to above. However, with this remedy the physical symptoms are often diarrhea, which often starts when just thinking about the forthcoming event. Nervousness and a strong desire to perform well with a fear of failure are often part of the picture.

Aconite is for the child that is truly afraid to go to school. The child can feel faint and if there is strong anxiety it can lead to panic attacks with a sensation of not being able to get enough air. The remedy can be repeated as frequently as needed until the child is calm again.

Arsenicum is indicated if the child suffers from extreme restlessness, is unable to sit still or tends to wake late at worrying about a forthcoming exam, for example. He might feel very exhausted, shaky or sick from the anxiety. A child requiring Arsenicum is often very well organised with their clothes and stationery which helps them to reduce their anxiety by keeping things under control.

Wishing everyone all the best with the back to school start!

Do please get in touch if you would like to discuss your child’s individual needs – I’d be happy to help.